For the Sweet Tooth: Marble Doughnuts

July 22, 2018

Easter always seems to spring up on my family. Food-wise we're always on point, but decoration-wise we're always a little bit late. To be fair it is at the height of final projects so, it can be a bit hard for me--the designated resident pastry chef (in training)--to whip up something new all month long. So this year we decided to forgo the traditional colourful egg route--there's only so many hardboiled eggs one can eat-- and made colourful donuts instead.

My initial plan was to make several solid coloured doughs. so the doughnuts would be a single colour throughout. But impatience and a pure craving for doughnuts overcame us all, and the result, was to our surprise, a whole lot better.

*Drum rolls* 

So I present to you all, "Marble" Doughnuts. They're fun to make, fun to eat and fun to take pictures of. And they require very little effort to make their insides look fabulous. Just drip the food colouring on the dough when you're about to roll it out to cut out the shapes and voila!


Pssst! For those wondering, here is the recipe that I used: Polish Pączki (Doughnuts) Recipe

Winter Wonderland

July 15, 2018

Canadian winters are truly unique. This past one (no doubt amplified by climate change) threw at us every possible type of weather possible. But amidst the brain-numbing cold, there were often moments of beauty and bliss that were revealed as Toronto was turned time and time again into a giant snowglobe. Sometimes it felt like the snow had magical properties that turned seemingly regular buildings into charming backdrops, allowed the sunlight to shine through a little brighter than usual, and most importantly turned regular hills into slopes where sledding contests were won and lost with a smile. So here are a few of those moments that I was hastily able to capture before my fingers froze from the cold air.

Photo taken by my friend, Printsessa

05-06/18: Beats and Bites

July 08, 2018

May and June were synonymous with chocolate chip cookies and do nothing days. May marked the end of the very long rat race that was the academic year. But like any good race, it was celebrated with great fanfare. And by fanfare, I mean sleeping in, actually enjoying the weekend, leaving the house during the day hours for something other than class, meandering through forests, and of course, chocolate chip cookies.

This the first chocolate chip cookie recipe that I've succeeded in a long time. And by a long time, I mean ever. (It turns out that the secret, after all, was just butter). So, May and June were devoted to cookies and to eating lots of them to help me recover from the ending of Avengers Infinity War, to carry me through sleepless nights of binge-watching Downtown Abbey, and to give me the strength to start and finish summer school.

Each crunch was an ode to childhood and each munch a promise of happiness and bliss.

Road Trippin': Greece Pt. 2

July 01, 2018

Our road trips through the Greek countryside took us past some really fascinating places. At times it felt that we had been lovingly enveloped by sunshine and I was mesmerized by the colors of the waves crashing on the coastline. Other times it felt as if we had entered the heart of the Earth. We had been swallowed by the very forest itself and it was silently leading us up and down, and in and out her winding landscape. There was no tell-tale whoosh or dramatic sound to alert us to this. Just an overwhelming feeling of peace and stillness that makes you look up from whatever you were doing or stop whatever you were staying and smile.

Road Trippin': Greece Pt. 1

June 24, 2018

There's something about road trips that make you feel like you're in an adventure movie. The kind where a motley crew set out west, east, south or north (and everywhere in between) in search of treasure, equipped with nothing more than each other, a whispered legend and a healthy dose of good old stamina to guide them. (Bonus points if there's a map.)

Albeit, it is a lot less precarious now. Instead of riding horses on beaten dirt trails, we are cruising along paved roads in however much horsepower our trusty car has. Instead of pitching up tents, we make pit stops at various drive-throughs. Gone are the overly complicated maps, now we've got a well-meaning--if not sometimes confusing--GPS lady telling us where to go. But that along with the junk food, the radio frequency as you change from one town's local station to another, and the lack of leg room are all apart of the magic.

We took a lot of road trips in Greece last summer (shoutout to Nicole and Nicoletta and the rest of the gang for all of their help!). The numerous seaside towns, golden fields and emerald green forest canopies tucked in and around various mountain ranges and hills really made the journey to our various destinations all the more fun. I can't wait to go back, and I'm glad that I wasn't too awestruck and was able to take some photos that are worth sharing with you all. So enjoy my Greek road trip pictures, taken either on one of the multi-stop trips to Napflio, Palimidi Fortress, Sounio, Kouvaras and the accompanying playlist (heavenly influenced by the two films we watched while we were there, Baby Driver and Guardians of the Galaxy 2).

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