A Jaunt Through the Rockwood Conservation Area

February 10, 2019
A Jaunt Through the Rockwood Conservation Area

Every once in a while I feel a great calling to nature. The call sweeps in on a northerly wind, which feels like excitement and smells (or sounds) a lot like sunshine. It awakens the buds on the trees in my neighbourhood and begins that tell-tale tingle that radiates from throughout my body like a heartbeat. When the urge gets too strong I convince my family to come along. After some Googling, I settled on our destination and armed with the promise of ruins, caves, and croissant sandwiches, one drowsy afternoon in May we ended up in the Rockwood Conservation Area (about two hours outside of Toronto).

For the Faith Leapers and Ambitious Wanderers: The Alchemist

January 28, 2019

Every once in a while there is a book that takes you by surprise and absolutely captivates your imagination. It's the first sign of falling in love...with a book. You become totally engrossed in the novel's world. You cringe with the hero, you cry with the hero, you fall with the hero. The Alchemist allows you to do all of this and more and takes you on a journey of faith, perseverance, and most importantly of self-discovery.

Road Trippin': Winter Edition

January 14, 2019

Winter is about to hit us with all its got once again. And amidst the semi-consistent sniffling, occasionally having to do that erratic dance as you struggle not to fall over after slipping on some ice, and oh, of course, the cold, the fun of winter can lose its shine really quickly. But when the going gets tough, there's nothing like a road trip to liven the spirits. Because as I have (and most certainly will continue to) mentioned before, I love road trips. As much as I love leg room, I like pit stops for roadside burgers or coffee, and seeing the countryside a lot more. As a kid I coveted the rare times when I could eat whatever junk food I wanted and was privy to a smorgasbord of fast food delicatessen and Shaggy's "Hotshot" CD or James Brown's Greatest Hits on repeat. As I grew older and the backseat was now occupied by a second passenger, my backseat fortress's size (not to mention the amount of leg room) decreased, but the love for it never faltered. As a result, my dream car is a VW Comby, preferably equipped with a very long and embarrassing horn and lots of space for friends and leg room galore.

However, I am not fond of winter. Last, last winter was like an itch you couldn't scratch. No, it was more like a leak in a boat. Just when you think it is clogged it spreads, spills, and swallows you whole. But not without leaving behind a runny nose, red fingertips, and frozen lips and ears and nose and toes. However, there is something about whizzing through a curtain of falling snow that is simultaneously frightening and exhilarating at the same time. Suddenly, a curtain of semi-opaque white particles appears and as you pass through it, it feels like you are the miniature figures in a giant snowglobe. Except that the snowglobe has fallen off the shelf and the snow is coming from all angles before it settles after being caught by a pair of experienced hands (with excellent reflexes).

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08/18: Beats and Bites

September 21, 2018
Macaron - 08/18: Beats and Bites | www.itsalamb.com

The mood for August was definitely nostalgia. August is always bittersweet. It's like 31 days of Sundays. You know you have free time and want to live in the present, but you still have to spend some of it doing your homework and looking to the future. (Not to mention the constant back-to-school reminders). But I digress.

Exploring Athens' Allou Fun Park

August 22, 2018

Did we go halfway around the world just to go to an amusement park? Yes, yes we did. Our trip abroad meant that we had missed the CNE back home in Toronto, so visiting Allou Fun Park in Athens provided a welcoming sense of familiarity in an unfamiliar place. 

Amusement parks always offer up a brew of mixed emotions. I am constantly excited about going on them, and just as soon as we near the first mountain peak of the rollercoaster, I am completely overcome with feelings of regret...which disappear just as quickly as we speed, twist and twirl along the track.

I have been going semi-consistently to amusement parks since I was a little girl. Traditional school may be out for the summer, but I assure you that my many visits throughout the summer have provided me with numerous life lessons. Observe this year's curriculum, shall we?

Don't drink one of those oversized cup's worth of lemonade before going on a ride that loops around and around. The chemical reactions vary per individual, but the majority are catastrophic. 

Social studies
Wait your turn. Try not to be mad about the kids with the fast pass. Or the kid who is screaming. Or the kid that was actually holding the line for 6 other kids. 

  • Running (to and from rides)
  • Climbing (in and out of rides)
  • Swimming (through the crowd and if you're lucky, the water park)
  • Some rides have fun little jingles that go along with them ("It's a small world after all" anybody?)
  • Some may call the sounds of screams and metal machinery musical…that is if you're into some heavy metal.

You get the point.

Allou is less about the screams and more about the "fun" (hence the name I suppose). And when the sun goes down, and the lights go on, the fun just keeps on rolling, and we enjoyed many of the sights and sounds that make summer really feel like summer. Oh! And lots of candy.

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