I find that every time I go to a workshop or some sort of event they always hand out free goodies, which almost always include a blandish notebook or an agenda (a day planner). Due to its dull look I tend to not use it and therefore have accumulated a whole box full of them. One day when I was cleaning around my room I found this collection, and decided that something needed to be done -- for the sake of the environment and my bedroom space. My solution to the problem, DIYing of course! So, here are the steps that I took to funkify my own agenda, but feel free to switch the colors and the designs and make it your own!

After you have collected all of the tools needed, here comes the fun part. Go wild, have fun and let your creativity soar! Both sides of the agenda don’t have to be exactly the same. You can cut strips and paste them the way I did in the photo above. Or you can get more creative and make cool patterns and shapes to really bring your agenda to life. Do whatever screams you!

Note: I used a mix of washi tape and fancy Scotch tape, which can be found at any Dollar store, craft store, or home improvement type store. 

Now that's it. You're done. No muss, no fuss, no pixie dust, just a brand spanking new agenda cover. Enjoy!

~Alexandra XO