I remember the day that my parents told me that I needed glasses. I was on the sofa and squinting at the screen trying to enjoy an episode of my favourite show, when my parents gave me the big news. They had been watching me struggle with my eyesight for a while, but never to action because I would always play it off and stop squinting.  I was desperate and since I knew that I was being surveyed, I made sure to hide my squinting as best as I could from my parents. In my defense, I didn’t to be labeled a “nerd” or be called “four eyes” by peers, like all the other poor unfortunate souls that I saw on TV. Even for a kid in the first grade, I knew what fate lied for those cursed with having less than stellar eyesight. My 6 year-old self thought that I was being smart by trying to “cheat” fate, but ended up getting caught and making problems worse for myself.  Long story short, a few weeks later after running tests, trying frames and whining, I found myself with my first and coolest (at the time) pair of glasses.

I still remember the day that I got my first pair of glasses, because it was what any young girl who loved Barbie could dream of!  Not only did I get my glasses (they were a simple pink, oval-shaped frame), I got glasses with the official Barbie stamp on the side, with a matching hot pink case that looked like a handbag and mini portable radio. Albeit, I was more excited about the gadgets than the accessories, but it did succeed in getting me excited about having glasses and made the idea of going to school with them on Monday much less daunting. Ever since then, I’ve graduated from my childhood Barbie frame, to the trendier Ray Ban glasses, with many more other brands in between.

Every few years or so, I have the task of picking out a new pair which leaves me a) excited to go shopping and b) dreading the amount of time required to find the perfect pair (it’s a big commitment). So, when I am faced with the decision of which frame to buy, there always comes a moment when I or someone else asks, “Why don’t you just get contacts?” I’m on the hunt for a new pair of glasses and  was recently asked this question, which got my asking myself, “Why don’t I just get contacts?” After a few days of deep self-reflection and a bit of soul-searching I finally found the answer, “I just don’t want any right now.” It’s not that I don’t like what contacts have to offer, I’ve just grown so accustomed to my glasses that I’ve gotten over the preliminary jitters and worries that come with first getting them, I’ve worked around any rude comments and I just like them – more on that later.

Wearing and maintaining glasses can be a tricky practice filled with many amusing mishaps (depending on the type of person you are)  which can take years to master. I’ve learned over the years that wearing glasses isn’t for the weak. If you are like me and pretty much grew up wearing glasses, you’ve faced many challenges like trying to find a nice frame to suit your changing face shape, the pain of having to wear safety goggles over your glasses during chemistry labs, not to mention having to fend off other curious classmates from trying to wear them without your permission. So, for my fellow glasses wearers out there who are; veterans like myself who have accepted their bespectacled fate or newbies who may be worried about joining the rest of us, here are a few reasons why I enjoy wearing glasses.

Clark Kent vs. Superman

I love Superman and anything superhero related (Avengers and X-Men anyone?), and so I exploit any opportunity to feel like one. Essentially, Clark Kent (and Cyclops from X-Men) keeps his glasses on so that he doesn’t accidentally zap anyone with his laser-vision, but once the glasses are off, he’s an unstoppable force of awesome!

“What’s up dawg ?”

I grew up watching American Idol and I realized that Randy Jackson used to always have a new pair of glasses per show. To the novice glasses’ wearer that I was, this was the coolest thing ever, and it ultimately inspired my new goal. Once my prescription stops changing, I’m definitely going to start a small collection of glasses!

A little bit of pizazz

Other than being a very useful tool, glasses are also an accessory. Like how a pair of shoes can change the mood of any outfit, the right frames can totally change your face shape and make you look completely different. Like how the right pair of sunglasses adds the perfect air of mystery, intrigue and sophistication, I think that glasses can create the same effect à là Audrey Hepburn.

It’s a whole new world

Perhaps, the best part about needing glasses is that they help to put you in a whole different headspace. For example, when I really need to zone out or focus on one thing, I can just take them off. Sometimes when I really don’t feel like doing much of anything, I simply remove them (within a controlled environment) and relax. When I really need to focus and am surrounded by distractions, taking my glasses of helps me to focus on the task at hand by blurring out the rest. I can be a bit overly dramatic, and their great tools for emphasis when making a point.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, here is another article that I read!

Are you team contacts or team glasses?