Self Love To Do List

For the longest time, I always assumed that the über-confident vibes that some people who avidly worked out were due to the realization of how good they looked after months (or even years) of work. Now, I realize that while that may have a part in the overall “look” that they seem to have, it was a factor that came into play way before any results could be seen. I’ve learned through my own tale of fitness and health, that those vibes all begin within the moment you decide to take an extra step in loving your body, by putting it to work.

Yes, work. Whether, it’s the moment you decide to begin to eat healthier foods, or the moment you decide to stop constantly reprimanding yourself about not eating enough healthy foods, or the moment you sign-up for your first Zumba class, or you decide to go for a walk, no matter how small it may seem, it’s a viable moment and most definitely the essential one towards loving yourself.

I think that most people (myself included) don’t really allow themselves to love their bodies because they haven’t achieved in creating rock hard abs, or the perfectly toned arms. They tell themselves -- especially around New Years’—that they will be able to love their bodies, and treat themselves to things (whether by purchasing sweets or a new wardrobe) only once they’ve reach their desired weight. Like the concept, of being grateful before you really feel that you have something to be grateful about, you should learn to love your body in the same way. Learn to love yourself, not only based on looks, but on what you, or rather your body, can do for you.

A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany. After struggling over the past week to properly word what I was feeling (sorry for the delay), I scoured the internet for inspiration and finally found some in two articles from two of my favourite blogs Goldfish Kiss and Lauren Conrad. Each article spoke of the same topic but in different ways. They mentioned the importance of loving your body at any size, because when it comes to what healthy looks like, it’s not one size fits all. It’s really about making your healthy lifestyle work for you, which is something that I am still learning to do and finally figuring out for myself.

I’ve mentioned in past articles, how I practice the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. Being one of the few females in the class as well as being the only teenage girl, caused a few problems for me when I first started out. At first, I would often times get plagued with the all too common (and annoying) teenage girl problems. I learned quickly that a) no one was really looking or cared about my appearance (I love the sport but I admit that doboks aren’t that flattering) and b) I should be more focused on my techniques and how they look, than how my hair does (there’s a big mirror in the room and so I couldn’t/can’t help but stop and take peek). Over time, I’ve learned how to take control of my body thanks to various Taekwondo techniques and how to control how I saw as well as what I think about it, thanks to a bit of soul-searching, a whole lot of Pinteresting and a dash of internet surfing.

So, I hope that as the holidays roll around (are you excited for Christmas, because I sure am) and we start trying to fulfill the rest of our New Year’s resolutions, I hope that I’ve given you one more thing to put on your list.

How do you show your body some love?