Recently, I went on a road trip from Canada to the US of A. When I was younger, I went on many road trips from one country to the next, and from one province to the next, and so I’d like to think myself as an expert when it comes to big family road trips. This recent trip to New Hampshire provided me with an excellent way to hone my trip skills and  create some new ones to share with you all  (that’s why there was such a delay). So here is a preview of a few tips and tricks that I learned on the trip. To view the rest of them, simply head over to the PDF guide!

Make a List 

Before you even think about driving away into the sunset, you should make a list of anything you may need. Consider the destination and its climate. This list can include anything at all! In fact, I encourage making several categorized lists, such as one for food, one for clothing and one for supplies. While you can’t plan for everything that you may need, you can still be somewhat prepared. Make the list a few days prior to the trip and put everything in its appropriate place. Also, make sure to consult the rest of the voyagers on your road trip.  

Prep Like a  Champ 

Now that you have the list of your supplies, it’s now time to make sure that you and your fellow travelers know the destination and know whatever planned stops that you plan on making. This way, you reduce any unwanted surprises (surprises and driving don’t mix), and everyone can schedule themselves according to plan. If you are doing a road trip with your family and you have a younger sibling or two, make sure that you guys think of ways to keep he or she entertained, so that everyone else can relax as well. If you are going with your friends, create a driving rotation schedule, keep track of who’s paying for the gas and who is going to bring what.

For more information click on the picture below, to be taken to the ultimate printable guide.


Do you enjoy going on road trips?