I've recently been bit by the spring cleaning bug, and so every moment not spent finishing up assignments or studying for exams has been devoted to cleaning up my bedroom. I had these old Starbucks bottles sitting in my room for a while now, and so during a study break I decided that it was time to unleash my artistic spirit.

As the name suggests, I decorated the inside of these bottles by letting acrylic paint drip down and dry inside of them. This craft requires very little tools or work. Just drip, swirl, dry and presto! I hope that these help to freshen up your bedroom for the new spring season and that you put them to good use.


  • Empty glass bottles
  • 4 different acrylic paint bottles 
Note: Bottles are a quicker and less messier to use, but using a brush to let the paint drip inside works too.


  1. Rinse the bottles, and remove the labels and any residue on the front.
  2. Choose one color as your base. This will be the one you use first and will ultimately show up the most. (I used a  special metallic silver)
  3. Once the bottle is dry, squirt your base color in the bottle, swishing the paint until desired coverage is reached.
  4. You can either let this layer dry completely (I didn't), or continue step number 3 with your other colors. 
  5. Leave the bottle to dry overnight until all the paint has hardened.
  6. Insert your supplies and you're done.


  • Don't use too much paint! Trust me, I went a bit overboard and when gravity took its toll it made the paint cover more surface area than I had intended.
  • Check the label. My paint was fast-drying (a.k.a. a real blessing). It got the job done quickly and didn't continuously drip everywhere, 
  • Be patient. Let it dry properly before putting your supplies inside the bottle.