Winter is coming. And with it comes one of the things we love (and hate) the most about this time of the year, the cold. The transition from warm Summer weather, to the chilly Autumn temperatures often creates a lack of motivation.

Get Scented

By scented, I mean scented candles, of course. For those of us who don't have fireplaces, there's nothing like a good ol' scented candle to melt away the cold weather blues. Scented candles aren't the only way to enjoy a fresh aroma though. I love wearing scented creams, so that by bed sheets and PJs also smell like apple blossoms, vanilla woods or wild orchids. Also, putting a few drops of essential oils like lavender into water (to make a mist) or onto fake flowers (to make a DIY diffuser) gets the job done.

Shake it Up

Music is food for the soul, and a rekindled spirit is just the spark necessary to jumpstart your determination and motivation to persevere until winter break. Spend a few minutes to make several playlists that combat each of your cold weather moods. For example, I'm crankiest on my way to school, when the air is crisp and chilly and I am still sleep deprived. So the soundtrack on my walk there is full of Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and Christmas songs. Also make sure to give the playlists a fun name to give you a visual pick-me-up every time you scroll through your iPod.

Wrap it all Up

Scarves are the answer to everything, in my opinion. Feeling cold? Wear a scarf. Need to make a quick getaway? Use your scarf as a rope ladder. Feeling a little underdressed? Well a nice scarf can take your style to a whole new level. They're extremely versatile and come in all shapes and colors, allowing you to add a pop of color or a splash of patterns anywhere on your body.

Get Crafty

You can never have enough room décor. I love making colourful pieces to add around my room to liven up my environment. Get festive and be inspired by the beautiful fallen leaves outside (or a few YouTube videos) to start decorating your room according to the season. It doesn't have to be a whole revamp, just a few new items or pictures here and there to breathe some life into your bedroom.

Spice Up Your Life

From the Spice Girls to Pumpkin Spice Lattes, there's something for everyone to look forward to. Chilly weather makes me crave warm meals and hot drinks with lots of spices and flavour to combat the drabness of the landscape without all of the greenery. I generally prefer my homemade pumpkin pie, but opting to watch the Spice Girls: Spice World movie works too.

~Alexandra XO