All the signs of the holidays are present. Chestnuts are roasting by an open fire. The lights are twinkling and the somewhere the little drummer boy is tap-tap-tapping away, setting up a tempo for our holiday heartbeats to synchronize to. It's cold outside and (if you're lucky) the snow has fallen, and all that's left to do now is curl up with a good book to pass the time until Santa and the gang roll up. So, here are a few merry tales to tide you into the new year.

Note: They are not in the least holiday related, but they are cheery nevertheless.

What is happiness? Or better yet, what makes people happy? A question that has plagued humanity for eons, A secret formula that is unique to every person, and one that our hero, Hector ventures out to find. As his dissatisfaction with his own life impedes his ability to help his psychiatric patients find satisfaction in their own. He sets off around the world equipped with a pen, a notebook and a sheer curiosity for what makes people tick. Along the way, he faces harrowing circumstances and meets fascinating people who help him to put the answer together one lesson at a time. His journey of culture and adventure warms the heart and the soul, as each lesson makes you consider what happiness means to you. Equal parts enlightening and reflective, Hector and the Search for Happiness will leave you with a smile on your face and excited for what the future holds in store.

There's no point in looking before crossing the road if you don't look in the right direction.
~Fran├žois Lelord, Hector and the Search for Happiness

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Proving that all that glitters is not gold, Crazy Rich Asians is a fast-paced read told through multiple perspectives. We follow the story through the eyes of the newcomer (the girlfriend, Rachel Chu), to the head of the household (the mother, Eleanor Young) and everyone in between (crazy aunts, cousins, it-girls, brides-to-be, etc.). Invited by her boyfriend Nicholas Young  to visit his family in Singapore, Rachel misleadingly expects a wholesome, traditional family vacation. However, the opulence and luxury that awaits poor Rachel is as bold as the title of this book. Unknowing and unarmed, she dives headfirst into a world of paparazzi, private jets and personal assistants, in the midst of Singapore's the biggest wedding of the year. As preparations are made and gossip is spread, Rachel must find a way to stay true to herself, as details about her boyfriend's lavish past and her own more mysterious one are revealed. Humorous, entertaining and energetic, Crazy Rich Asians is jam-packed with enough family feuds and festivities to last you throughout the holidays.

Remember, every treasure comes with a price.
~Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asians

By exploring the rise and fall of history's wittiest people and how they became so, Elements of Wit, seeks to show how you too can master the art. This book was as informative as it was engaging. Each chapter provided examples of history's most elegantly spoken bon vivants and how they honed their craft. Filled with plenty of one-liners, zingers, and retorts. Brimming with tales of verbal triumph and strife, Elements of Wit is every bit as humorous as it is helpful. By peeling back each layer of wit, Errett turns the seemingly illusive craft into a magical (albeit, tricky) one to master. All the while proving that in life, practice makes perfect. For earning  a coveted spot among "the great wits", has more to do with a good sense of humor, a spark of creativity, a lot of practice, then a simple stroke of luck.

Wit is comedy minus time.
~Benjamin Errett, Elements of Wit: Mastering the Art of Being Interesting