Happy New Year! I've mentioned in previous posts about how great visualization boards are. They allow you to put all your various aspirations in one central place. If done well, it can create a positive atmosphere, help you to focus and fulfill your New Year's resolutions. Basically, it's a giant dream collage, which you can style any way you want.

Every new year or every time there is a shift in my goals, I make a new visualization board. This New Year, I decided to take it up a notch and create a Visualization-Action Board (or VAB for short). This way, I've created a central hub where I'm not only motivated to accomplish my new year's resolutions, but I also have the "tools" right at my disposal. Make sure to check out my previous post for more details on visualization boards and how to make the original version, because this time around, I'll be focusing more on the action part of the VAB. Enjoy!


  • A corkboard
  • Pushpins
  • Magazines
  • Washi tape (or ribbon)
  • Old cards
  • 2 types of wrapping paper
  • Sharpies
  • Post-its
  • My free calendar printout
  • A sheet protector or  a self-laminating sheet
  • Scissors
  • Mountable momentos

1. Find a corkboard of a suitable size. Grab your wrapping and scissors, and cut enough out to cover the cork suface of the board. Depending on the model you have, you'll either have to cut more so that the paper is able to be tucked and pinned around the edges or, you will need just enough to cover and pin the surface area.

2. Secondly, designate how much of the board will be dedicated to visualization and how much will be dedicated to action. Once you've decided, grab your ribbon or washi tape to create a line of division.


3. Now, here comes the fun part. Take your time to flip through magazines (that you don't mind cutting up), sort through old cards and momentos, for items to pin onto the visualization part of the board. Cut out whatever jumps out at you. Take whatever you feel fits within the mood or aspirations that you are trying to achieve. For example, if you wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle, then you could cut pictures of people in movement and action words. If you have more than one thing you'd like to focus on, don't sweat. The board can illustrate multiple aspects of your life and your goals.

Another great place to find clippings to put on your visualization board? General stores and local shops! Stores often have brochures, flyers or cards that can add a nice touch to your board. See the black cards, with golden accents on my board? I got them from Starbucks, and they are a perfect way to represent the globetrotter aspect of my visualization board.

Psst. Check out my previous post for more information. 


4. Cut out a square piece of wrapping paper (preferrably not the same kind), grab a sharpie and write out your New Year's resolutions. Make it bold and then pin it near the top of your board.

5. Grab some Post-It notes and arrange them across the center in two neat rows. This will serve as your "notification hub". This is where you'll write down memos, work that needs to be done or quotes for when you need a bit of motivation.

6. Print out my calendar template (it's free!) and grab your washi tape, scissors and self-laminating sheets (or sheet protectors). Using the scissors and tape, place a long strip of it across the top of the calendar. Then once you're satisfied, either slip it into the protector or slap on the laminating sheets. This way, you're productive and eco-friendly. Now you can use dry erase markers to fill in the month, the date and the monthly events.

VoilĂ ! Once everything is arranged to your liking, pin it down, hang up the board and enjoy.

~Alexandra XO

Happy New Year!

How do you keep track of your New Year's Resolutions?

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