How to Be an Adult

February 02, 2016

As soon as I blew the candles out on my 18th birthday, I realized one thing. I'm an adult. In the silence between the extinguished candles and the ensuing celebratory eruption that ensued, I swear I could see my whole childhood within the quickly evaporating smoke. As I  blew out those candles I sealed my fate. I've joined the ranks of the many that inhabit our Earth, the adults. It's strange how badly I used to want to grow up and move out, and now how much I wish things would slow down. The last time I checked I was still 13 and navigating my way through high school. I blinked, and the next thing I know I'm 18 and I'm off to university soon. I blinked and in that fraction of time, 5 years have slipped by.

5 years. In 5 years an eternity has gone by. In half a decade a whole lifetime was lived. In 1825 days, I've had countless interactions and memories which will set the course of the rest of my life forever. I'm an adult now. What does that entail exactly? I'm not quite sure. The burden of paying my mortgage is a long time away. But as I jokingly told my friends last week, I bought some baby spinach and had a meeting with the bank, so I must be doing something right. Then there's my birthday party. I didn't go to a rave or sneak out of the house in the name of legality, youth and YOLO. I went bowling and ate fancy cupcakes and pizza with a few of my favorite people on this Earth (ps. Thanks, guys!).

As my friends sang me happy birthday, in the midst of a retro 70s themed bowling alley--with a penchant for playing tunes from the late 90s to the early 2000s--I suddenly felt out of place and at home all at the same time. For nothing had really changed. Not me, not my friends, not the bowling place and especially not those ratty bowling shoes (albeit, I think that that's the whole point of them, to help you reminisce). Well, at least not all at once. It took a series of experiences over a period of time (let's say 5 years) for us to grow, learn and come together. I guess being an adult is truly about rolling with the punches, and sometimes dishing out your own. Evolving, but never changing your core ethos. And if that's the case, then I think that I (and the many others who are turning the big 1-8) are going to be alright.

~Alexandra XO

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