Sometimes you can't just read a book, you need a whole series to really appreciate the world that the author created. Since I can't pick just one book from these series that I love, here are all of them. I've spent a lot of time reading them and I hope that you will too.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson

Set in a fictional kingdom filled with deserts, treacherous mountains and a longstanding feud, Elisa is the chosen one. A chosen one and a royal, an auspicious combination which doesn't bode well for young Elisa as she's spent the majority of her life overshadowed by her seemingly perfect older sister. At least, that is until she is betrothed to a ruler of a neighbouring kingdom. A union which thrusts her into a life filled with danger, dark magic, desert escapades and daring exploits, where she is forced to rise to the occasion to save her world. With each step bringing her closer and closer to the prophecy that felled so many before her, we watch her grow into the woman that the mark she bears demands of her. Full of romance, fast-paced action and intrigue, Elisa is a perfectly flawed heroine who takes a stand when the whole world had their backs turned to her. Surprising her family, the courts and herself as she outsmarts, outruns and outlasts them all. With genuine characters in a world brilliantly and intricately built by Rae Carson, every harrowing moment is palpable and will leave your heart and mind racing long after you finish the last book.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan

It's the series that birthed two other series and two Hollywood movies, it's one filled with heart, bravery and love in all of its forms. If you love history (especially, Greek mythology), adventure and a wealth of lovable characters and despicable villains then this is the series for you. Percy Jackson and the Olympians follows the trials and tribulation of Percy Jackson (the son of Poseidon) and his demigod friends and acquaintances of all size and species as they save the would from the Titans. Seamlessly merging modern day America and elements of famous myths and legends, throughout the series we are taken through labyrinths, across ancient creature infested oceans, through downtown New York in enchanted taxi rides and left sword-to-shield against infamous Gorgons, minotaurs and other legendary nightmares brought to life. Spanning 4 years over 5 books, as Percy and his comrades grow, so do we as each book is a race against time against the Titan of Time and each chapter helps us to uncover missing pieces and harrowing schemes. It's a thrilling countdown to understand how the prophecy will be fulfilled in the final showdown in the last installment of the series.

--Alexandra XO

What's your favourite book series?