Hello Spring! Hello the dreaded exam season! If you're like me, then the infamous senioritis may already have kicked in. So, you're probably experiencing all of its symptoms at their peak -- especially fatigue and an inability to stay focused. While this is usually a sign that you need a break, you know as well as I do that this is crunch time. Like Troy Bolton said it's "now or never", and now is the perfect time to whip out my secret weapon in my time of need, music. According to LifeHack.org  music helps to keep you happy, and even boosts learning and memorizing abilities. While I know from experience that you can't listen to catchy pop music while studying for math (it usually results in dancing or at the very least some mild foot tapping, and no actual math practice), film soundtracks strike a good balance between fun and focus. Why? Well, if you take the soundtrack to one your favourite movie, it often feels like you are actually in the film (which serves as a bit of inspiration) and the lack of lyrics helps you to focus on the task at hand. So, without further ado, here are 4 scores bound to help keep you sane as the X Season begins and senioritis sets in.

Note: Spotify and 8tracks are great places to hear all of these soundtracks in full (they're my go to apps).

Peter Pan  (James Newton Howard)

One of my all time favourite tales (ahem, Ms. Tiger Lilly), and one of my most beloved  film soundtracks. I listen to this whimsical score when I'm stressed before a test, or when I'm in need of inspiration. The Peter Pan soundtrack is very emotive and every song feels as if you're being sprinkled with pixie dust and are soaring through the Neverland sky. So. I like to save this for my social science classes, and when I need to formulate essays.

How to Train your Dragon (John Powell)

Powerful, bold and fast-paced, I love to listen to the How to Train Your Dragon score whenever I am completing lengthy assignments, when I am doing research, or making study notes. Each piece is charged with endless levels of curiosity and wonder, and so it's the perfect soundtrack to get me in the zone and to jolt me out of any daydreams that may occur.

Pride and Prejudice (Dario Marianelli)

Math is my least favourite subject by far, and the only way to make it the slightest bit tolerable is with some music. So, I tend to play the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack on a constant loop while doing homework or studying in order to counteract my negative emotions towards the subject. The soundtrack makes you feel light and airy --almost like you too are falling in love with Mr. Darcy-- and the contrasting emotions is great fuel to help me power through and get the work done as quickly as possible.

The Nutcracker (Pyotr IlychTchaikovsky)

Just listening to the masterpiece that is The Nutcracker, elicits images of duels, mice kings, Christmastime and all of the adventures that Clara and her dashing (and horribly cursed) Nutcracker prince face. Every song within the ballet is like it's own chapter of a book, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to any creative/artistic type assignments or classwork.

~Alexandra XO

What do you do to stay focused?

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