Why not me? A question whose answer fuels the fire of ambition and creativity within us all. The phrase has spurred people to work harder and learn faster. It's inspired people to ask questions that motivate others. The title of this second Mindy Kaling compilation of life thoughts, lessons and poignant, yet comical essays, is an invitation to all those who have yet to answer that question. The book is an outstretched hand which insists that even if you haven't found the answer, all you have to do is follow along so that you can figure it out together.

Honestly, the best part about Why Not Me? is that you feel like you're talking to Mindy while sitting on your sofa, sipping on tea (or wine in her case) and snacking on chocolate covered pretzels. When she says, “I can’t for the life of me not eat something that I want to eat.” You think, yeah me too! When she says, “I think it’s a federal crime parking meters won’t accept pennies. Yeah, government, we know pennies suck. But you made them! You have to accept them!” You think, Finally, someone speaks the truth!  It's raw, it's real, it's relatable, and I love every minute of it. Mindy's second instalment is juicier than Angus beef and more engaging than your older sister's diary. Not mention it's a veritable godsend -- for fans of The Mindy Project or of The Office -- who will appreciate the various throwbacks tossed in here and there. Featuring earnest advice on weight, love and life, she composes a rich and colourful mosaic that is the life of a young comedienne.

Filled with BFF breakups, soup snakes and other storytelling gems, each page is laced with her special brand of heartfelt humour, proving once again that laughter is the best cure. Mindy's jokes turn tales of woe, into tales of hope, and an embarrassing mishap, into a mere snafu not to be dwelled upon. Her sincere take on the various events that occur in her life, make you want to confront your own with a carefree hair flip and a bold, "Ha! Ha! Ha!".

In Why Not Me?  Mindy Kaling offers her readers a look into her day-to-day life, showing that you've got to think big to be big. Through her eyes we navigate the intricacies of Hollywood, the land of glitz, glam and "it's complicated" relationships. One chapter at a time, she proves that the number one way to have it all and to kill it in your career, is to work hard (or die trying). Why Not Me? is the unveiling of  a shared narrative that belongs to all those who are supposedly "different", and for those whose big dreams and even greater levels of ambition are often times intimidating to smaller minded people. As we watch her take each debacle in stride and in good spirit, we're left mesmerized and energized to head out, and to take the first steps towards our own destinies. In this way, she solidifies her spot as a great role model for men, women and children, of ages 8 to 88.

“Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled. Listen to no one except the two smartest and kindest adults you know, and that doesn't always mean your parents. If you do that, you will be fine.”
~Mindy Kaling, Why Not Me?   

~Alexandra XO

Who is your role model?

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