Let's say that you were running late for class and got a little sweaty. What if, that time of the month decides to arrive a little earlier than usual? What if you want to discreetly spy on that Zac Efron look alike who sits a few rows behind you?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and potential pitiful occurrences call for preplanned courses of action. Never fear, The Emergency Kit is here. No fuss, no muss, no pixie dust, just a cute bag full of useful everyday items. The Emergency Kit is the perfect way to ensure that you can handle some of life's curve balls that just love to hit when you're in class. So, without further adieu, here's what you'll need:


A small purse

The only requirements for this step is that the little purse is cute and fits easily into larger sized bags and/or backpacks. Try to choose one that's not made of fabric, because if it's sitting at the bottom of your knapsack then it is bound to get a bit scuffed after having countless binders and pencils thrown on top of it.

Lip balm

Chapped lips are a big no, no. Having well moisturized lips is very important to me. I'm pretty sure that when I was born, before my mom ever said my name aloud, she made sure to put some lip balm on me. So it's needless to say that I'm a dedicated user since day one. Save money and time and buy yourself a lip balm, instead of all those fancy lip scrubs.

Lip gloss

Maybe you need to jet-off to an event and need to make the transition from everyday gal to alluring damsel in very little time. My go-to? Lip gloss or lip stain. But feel free to pack a tube of mascara or any other of your preferred makeup essentials as well.

A compact mirror

I know that it's probably more discrete to use your phone's front camera as a mirror, but I love the old-timey air of mystery that compact mirrors create. They teach you to master the art of subtlety. You learn to become effortlessly sneaky. Besides that, they offer you the best close-ups without any of the surprising flashes or distortions due to bad lighting. Either way, I'm most definitely a fan.


I'm also pretty sure that when I cried in that emergency room, that my mom was quick to whip out her pack of tissues to wipe away my tears. My mother's insistence that we always have a pack wherever we go, has resulted in a family-wide dislike of sniffling and snuffling. An event that is hard to ignore during the winter season, but that can be lessened with a handy pack of tissues in your emergency kit.

Roll on perfume

Why roll on? So, that it doesn't invade anyone else's "personal scent bubble". Why not deodorant? Because the tube probably won't fit your kit (unless it's the small Degree ones) -- I leave my deodorant in my actual backpack instead. Roll on perfume is the best way to control the amount of scent you put on, and to target the exact areas where you want to smell good. Bonus! Just the act of smelling the tube is enough to boost your mood for the day.

Hand cream

Once again, back to the emergency room flashback. Scaly, ashy and cracked hands are another family-wide don't. My friends always know that they can count on me to offer them some hand cream when they need it. I make an effort to have a tube (whether it's of my own concoction or bought from the store) in all of my emergency kits -- and yes, I do have several.

Note: You can save space and do a two in one combination of fragrance and moisture, by using a scented hand cream. I love any fragrance from Bath and Body Works.

Feminine napkins + smaller bag

I have an abundance of extremely small bags which all fit into each other perfectly like one of those Russian nesting dolls. So, I put any pads or tampons in there, so that I can discreetly pull them out during moments when I can't bring the entire emergency kit with me.

Band aids

Getting blisters on the back of your heels are the worst. They make everything from there on out horrible. Suddenly, you get shivers up your spine at the thought of wearing shoes. And you start contemplating whether or not you should replace all the shoes you do have with Crocs. Save yourself the heartache and the money, and slip a few band aids of varying sizes in your emergency kit. Whether it's because you got an actual cut, or because a blister do actual develop, you will thank me and yourself in the future.

~Alexandra XO

What do you keep in your emergency kit?