Blue icing, coconut shreds, and birthday cake. What's the connection? My little sister's birthday. She's grown up so fast, I still thought she was 8-years-old. Alas, no, she's turning 10. Double digits. The big 1-0. And as she blew out her birthday candles. I was suddenly reminded of my own self at 10-years-old.

At that time, the biggest change for me was moving to a new school, new city and making new friends, while she was learning how to walk and run. And now as she makes the precarious leap from child to almost tween, I'm making the jump from high school to university.

We find ourselves at the crossroads of change as we head from one phase to the next as my little sis becomes a little less littler and her big sis moves on to somewhere bigger. And someday soon we'll both stand face-to-face (we'll finally be the same height), not one littler than the other, or more experienced than the other, but as two sisters who've seen the world through two different sides of the same coin, but who have shared the same blue icing, coconut shreds and birthday cake.




~Alexandra XO