For as long as I can remember I've loved (and thankfully have always been surrounded by) good food. So, over time it has surpassed being a mere tool of survival, but a key. A key that unlocked different cultures, a connection to my parents' pasts and inevitable my own future. It's been the source of learning foreign languages and ones from my parents' mother tongues, as I learned to pronounce the delicious foods, with intricate names, whose taste and aroma are ingrained in my memory forever.

That's why I have a particular place in my heart for any sort of food related entertainment. Whether it's Master Chef, watching a pizza bake in the oven - the cheese all bubbly as the dough rises and forms a golden brown crust - or baking treats for my family. Recently, TVO (a Canadian TV channel) aired a weekly series called, Eat: The Story of Food produced by National Geographic. I fell upon the docuseries haphazardly, but it quickly captivated my mind, heart, stomach and taste buds.

I will have to watch it again, because I was often distracted by the sizzling, roasting, and frying shown on screen. In between the mesmerizing display, there was an epic tale of how food really is (and was) the driving force of innovation and change all over the world. In each episode, we're plunged into the past and are introduced to unlikely food revolutionaries, who not only changed the way we eat food but the entire course of history. For example, Christopher Columbus and Napolean Bonaparte had huge roles in both.

Narrated and drawing references from modern day food personalities, cooks, authors, scientists and pizza enthusiasts, our journey reaches new heights and flavours with each meal. It reminded me time and time again that the power of food is truly compelling. It brings people together, reminding them through similar tastes and smells that the would is a whole lot smaller than it seems.

~Alexandra XO

For a more interactive tour of Eat: The Story of Food head on over to or if you want to find out how to watch an episode or two head on over here.