I know that we are currently in the middle of Fall and we are well on our way to a fierce Winter, but I don't know if it's because of all the Thanksgiving pictures being shared on Instagram or it's the glow of the Christmas lights currently twinkling like stars all over the city, but I'm feeling a little nostalgic. And there's nothing like curing a bout of nostalgia with a bunch of old of pictures and songs about the summertime.

There's something special about reminiscing about the good old days when your best buds all went to the same school and you didn't have to check the weather forecast to know how many layers you had to wear. I can always tell when Summer has truly arrived when while walking through my neighborhood, the smell of barbecue permeates the air. With one sniff I suddenly feel both happy that summer has is here and jealous that I wasn't invited. There's something about grilled anything -- fruits, veggies, meat-- that just makes everything taste better. It's as if the smoke infuses the food with the very taste of summer itself. It's nothing short of magic.

Last summer one of my oldest friends threw a small barbecue filled with all summer food staples: watermelon, grilled meat, brownies, pasta salad and fancy chilled beverages. Under the grapevine, surrounded by different varieties of mint (I didn't even know Apple mint existed) it was if time and space was suspended and we had entered an enchanted backyard botanical garden.

We were treated to a rare moment of peace and (relative) silence in this technologically driven world where we could just be among friends. The only tweeting we heard was from the neighborhood birds, and the only chimes we heard was from the clinking of our cutlery against our plates or as we raised our glasses in tribute to freshman year of university, to new beginnings, to our childhood and to the final summer of our 18th year.

What's your favorite summer memory?

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