There's a special place in my heart for ice cream parlors. It's right next to ice skating, and right above carnivals. My childhood is full of trips to our local (and sometimes not so local) Dairy Queen with my bestie, where I would get my all time favourite treat, the Oreo Blizzard. My heart also has a spot reserved for piggy banks, and impatiently waiting for the neighbourhood ice cream man to roll up after school. You don't know how many shirts I've temporarily stained as I lost the race against my rapidly melting treat.

Then boom! I develop a sensitivity to lactose, and an ice cream scoop sized whole in my heart. But there is a saving grace. Sorbet. Oh, but I hate store-bought sorbet, with all its fluorescent pinks and oranges. To me, it tastes as strange as it looks, and sadly I was left without an alternative to ice cream. So, I admit that when my dad pointed this spot out, I was a bit reluctant to go inside. I wasn't ready to reopen that old wound just yet. But boy am I glad I did. Not only does Kekou Gelato have super nice walls, but it has very exotic-sounding flavors of sorbet! Who knew "Spicy Salted Pineapple" would actually be so refreshing? But don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself (or at least check out the photos below)!