I've grown up on a steady diet of Fred Astaire films, old black and white musicals and Step Up movies. My childhood bestie and I used to spend our time coming up with dance routines to show her family, and I distinctly remember doing what can only be described as "contemporary"-inspired number to Brandy's "Sittin' Up in my Room" for my parents when I was 7. Funnily enough, the gap between when I last took classes and when I started taking them again in 2017, spans a decade. But the last half was spent either sitting around wishing I could dance or binge watching dance videos on YouTube the way some people binge watch Netflix shows. And I had planned on keeping this up until this past election.

Other than it reminding us how far we have to go in terms of civil, environmental and reproductive rights; I learned that now more than ever isn't the time to hold back on the things that make you happy or that you find intriguing. And just as everything seemed to be going off-kilter, I saw this picture of a little girl passionately dancing in the streets with the title of Alice Walker's book, Hard Times Require Furious Dancing on top of it. So I thought to myself, let's do this.

I got to practicing and found out that I was incredibly rusty (I think "floppy" is how my sister described me at one point). So, after working out the kinks by learning a few routines off of YouTube (isn't the internet amazing!), I finally signed up for class. It's been only 3 months, but it's been a great 3 months, full of looking "floppy" and being afraid to dance in front of a mirror (let alone other people), but eventually really enjoying it and making friends. Who knows where it will lead, but as I see improvement I can't help but feel like that little girl in the picture, and I can feel my own inner 7-year-old (the one who subjected my parents to that ridiculous routine to Brandy's song) is smiling once again.

P.S. I got to take part in #RunTheFlex where a couple of other people and I took part in a super fun 6-week workshop run by Aaron and got featured in this dance video below! Check it out!