The news is pretty depressing lately. No, not depressing, aggravating and sometimes -- or most times since these incidents are unfortunately more and more current -- soul-crushing. In the past few months, we've seen many bright lights, full of dreams, some still burgeoning into adulthood that were extinguished much too soon, leaving heartbreak in their wake.

It has been a tough time, at times much too tough, but they say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And it's clear that many of them have. And that in some places amidst the rubble new buildings are being erected and new bridges are being built. They're not always very big or very loud, but sometimes they are. And like a burbling brook that turns into a mighty river, they pick up speed and strength and clear a path towards something new and more exciting. *cough*  The Women's *cough* March *cough*.

Nevertheless, here are a few ways to lift a heavy heart and to put a little pep back in your step. :)

Stay informed

Read. Read. Read. Reeeeaaaddd, books, magazines, the back of the cereal box, newsletters like Clover Letter. And watch lots of stuff on any stuff you want. Netflix has tons of interesting documentaries on everything from Eagle Huntress(es) to Sneakerheadz and more. The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and TVO also has plenty of cool docs and short stories too. It doesn't have to take very long or be very elaborate, but piano piano you'll find that you know a lot more than you did before.


Paint, jog, dance, play the flute, or just lay around and listen to music. Unplug from time to time and do something you really want to do, or have always wanted to learn.

Spread the love

You don't have to volunteer every weekend or do one of those wild social experiements where you hug everyone and wear a blindfold. You can just smile. Ah yes. The humble but mighty smile. Such a seemingly insignificant action can sometimes brighten someone else's day (and even your own). Rebekah from Goldfish Kiss put the sentiment perfectly in my opinion.

Take action (in your own way)

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Eleanor Roosevelt

In other words, some people are talkers, others are listeners. Some are photographers and others are painters. Some sing while others dance. So, use your unique voice and set of skills and interests to say what you have to say.


Of course.