The longest a treat has ever lasted in my house is 3 weeks. In my defense, that was only because it was so bad, that nobody other than me wanted to eat it (I only ate it to prove how bad it really wasn't). But typically we're looking at a few days, if not hours (but we haven't made that mistake in a long time). And so, the days and weeks of the month can be measured in terms of pastries; how long it takes to make them (2 days for croissants) and how long it takes for them to disappear (1 day is the record for cookies so far and 2-3 for cake).

The longest a song has ever been stuck in my head is about a month. The song was TLC's Waterfalls and I was in the 8th grade. I had a habit of singing wherever I went and somehow managed to get the song stuck in a few of my classmates' heads, who then proceeded to sing it whenever they felt the urge. This was much to the dismay of my teacher, because it turned out that he absolutely hated that song and proclaimed that "The next person who sings that song will be sent to the office!" Unfortunately, that "next person" just-so-happened to be my friend, who accidentally blurted out the first line of the chorus and just before we could all join in, she was immediately ejected from shop class to the principal's office upstairs.

In starting this series, I was inspired by Hannah Morgan's own blog post about her own attempt to be present each month in a valiant effort to counteract the unstoppable force that is time. As you can see, my life so far is a mix of moments revolving around snacks, music and other (mis)adventures that characterize each month. So enjoy my own version of timekeeping via the songs (you can find the playlist below), the food and (occasionally) the words that have added some spice to each month.