In the month that I've spent in Greece I've probably eaten:

  • 2 different styles of Mosaïko (Μωσαικό)
  • 4 gallons of ice cream (Konstandinidis' is the best in Athens)
  • 6 Granitas (Γρανίτα)
  • 7 Gyros (Γύρος)
  • 10 Pites (Πίτες)
  • 15 Loukoumades (Λουκουμάδες)
  • 30 pieces of bread
  • 100 pieces of various grilled meats
  • 9999 French fries

So, below (and the one above) is just a sample of some of the tasty food I've had a chance to eat at either restaurants or that someone graciously took the time to make for me or help me make.

Καλή Όρεξη!