I may not have mentioned it before but I love vintage cars. My earliest childhood memories consist of me watching American Chopper on the sofa with my dad. All of those hours spent watching old bikes getting transformed back into pieces of mobile art has solidified a deep-rooted love for machines. As I grew older, watching (and incessantly rewatching) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Herbie: Fully Loaded as a kid has solidified my deep-rooted love for vintage cars. As a result, I get pretty excited whenever I see any.

I sometimes even take pictures.

Okay, I almost always try to snap a photo...

Okay, okay, I totally did snap a few photos.

Greece was full of European models I've never heard of (or have only heard my parents dreamily speak of as a child). So, it's safe to say that I went a little nuts and my heart did a little happy dance à la Snoopy every time one passed by. I wasn't fast enough to capture them all, but luckily those I did manage to photograph were some of my favorites models and colors. I've taken enough to last me a good while, but until then enjoy a few of the vintage (or just plain cute) buggies and one motorcycle I managed to snap while I was there.