As much as I love scented lotions, they just can't seem to provide the right level of moisture my skin needs to survive the winter weather. I often find myself using them in conjunction with other more heavy-duty creams or oils in order to get the appropriate level of hydration. That is until my mom reminded me of an old trick that she uses to boost the bottle of lotion we use for the family.

*drum rolls*

The magic ingredient is the humble but incredibly mighty bottle of vegetable glycerin*. Just adding a few glugs to your lotion helps to vastly improve the levels of hydration, and here are a few great reasons why you should start using it.

It's a natural humectant

This is just a fancy word for saying that it uses the moisture in the air to attract hydration to your skin, keeping it feeling soft and feeling smooth. Mixed with other healthy ingredients like essential oils, or vitamins found in your body lotion, it helps to ensure that they're absorbed more easily into your skin.

It does wonders for the hair

I've recently started adding it into my hair regimen, and I can attest to it's supreme moisturizing powers! It's known to be used in many products such as shampoo and soaps, proving that if it works for your skin it should do wonders for your hair as well.

A little goes a long way

The bottles that can be found at either your drugstore or health food store are pretty big, and since you don't need to add that much for it's hydrating properties to kick-in, you'll be able to make multiple batches and use it in various DIYs.

It packs quite a punch

It's used for beauty and medicinal purposes. It's known to be used to treat burns, wounds and other skin diseases like psoriasis.

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