12/2017: Beats and Bites

April 17, 2018

The year went by too fast, but at times not fast enough. Look up and it's a clear blue sky, look up again and it's covered in snow. One moment you're shuddering at all the spooky Halloween decorations, and the next, you're shivering against the cold winter air.

The holidays slip in and out just as quickly. But the spirit of it lasts a bit longer and it is captured in the little clouds you make every time you open your mouth. It lingers like the smell of freshly baked sugar cookies. It hangs in the air, in excited suspension and in anticipation of all that is to come in the new year.

It's funny how it seems that we need permission to be cheerful. Or at least the boundaries of time, calendars or holidays to tell us when to be overtly cheerful and good-natured even though the cold environment encourages us to be anything but. But I have learned that you can't put a timer on imagination, it moves as freely and looks as different as each falling flake of snow.

Sugar Cookies (made and decorated with my friend Hannah)

Rum Balls

Butter Pecan Meltaways

Marble Pound Cake

11/2017: Beats and Bites

January 02, 2018
11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com

November was full of birthdays, midterms, rehearsals, and shivering with the trees as they lost their leaves to the incoming winter cold. It was spent (im)patiently waiting to flip the calendar from November to December when it's socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music out loud. Most importantly, it was a month of creative expression, through song, dance and notably, baking. A lot of uncertainty went in, but a lot of good came out. And every once in a while, like my mom's birthday cake below, something unexpectedly special.

11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com

11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com

11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com

11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com
Snickerdoodles with Toasted Shredded Coconuts

11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com

11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com

11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com

11/2017: Beats and Bites from itsalamb.com
Orange Caramel Glazed Pecan Pound Cake

Change is here

January 01, 2018
Change is here via itsalamb.com

~ This was posted originally on my old blog www.mstigerlilly.com ~

As I shed off my title of "teenager" for the age-fitting -- although not the emotional or mentally fitting title -- of "adult", I can feel that subtle tingle of change.

It feels like wearing skinny jeans that are way too tight. You sit down and get a muffin top. You bend over and you feel a cold draft where you really shouldn't.

It pangs in your chest like the Grinch's heart after it "grew three sizes that day".

It itches uncontrollably.

It grates your nerves, like a child impatiently waiting for Christmas day.

It leaves you with cold sweats and hot colds and its all your body's way of saying that change is afoot.

So, here it is, today marks the end of Ms. Tiger Lilly, and the birth of something new... or not quite so new but definitely something different.

I am once again changing the name of my blog to It's A Lamb. It's a play on two special words that I'm sure you'll figure out soon enough. But if not, be sure to join me here, a hop, skip and a click away from the old site, to the blog's current incarnation as www. itsalamb.com. For some of the old stuff, all of the good stuff, and little new stuff is thrown in here and there (or just for fun).

Either way, this is just a long way of saying Thank You, THANK YOU, thank you so much, for reading Ms. Tiger Lilly all these years, and I look forward to catching up with you here on my new site.


(formerly Ms. Tiger Lilly)