12/2017: Beats and Bites

April 17, 2018

The year went by too fast, but at times not fast enough. Look up and it's a clear blue sky, look up again and it's covered in snow. One moment you're shuddering at all the spooky Halloween decorations, and the next, you're shivering against the cold winter air.

The holidays slip in and out just as quickly. But the spirit of it lasts a bit longer and it is captured in the little clouds you make every time you open your mouth. It lingers like the smell of freshly baked sugar cookies. It hangs in the air, in excited suspension and in anticipation of all that is to come in the new year.

It's funny how it seems that we need permission to be cheerful. Or at least the boundaries of time, calendars or holidays to tell us when to be overtly cheerful and good-natured even though the cold environment encourages us to be anything but. But I have learned that you can't put a timer on imagination, it moves as freely and looks as different as each falling flake of snow.

Sugar Cookies (made and decorated with my friend Hannah)

Rum Balls

Butter Pecan Meltaways

Marble Pound Cake