I know that I am super late in welcoming in the new year, but I'm going to do it anyway. So Happy New Year everyone! Happy 2018! And cheers to any opportunity to bake and eat more pastries. As the holidays drew near, a family friend had suggested that I try and bake some of the traditional Greek treats that we eat around New Years and passed on to me her recipe for delicious Vasilopita. But since it was the holidays, and the festive season (as well as my taste buds) demand chocolate around this time of year, I just had to make something else that was chocolatey. The result was the ever popular, always visually and gastronomically rewarding, Mosaiko. It was my first attempt, and while it definitely doesn't look as neat and tidy as most Mosaiko slices do, believe me when I say that it was just as tasty as when I had it in Greece.

Hazelnut Brittle for Mosaiko

(A broken chunk of) Mosaiko
P.S. I also got in touch with my roots musically, hence many of the Yemi Alade and French songs on this month's playlist.