There's something about road trips that make you feel like you're in an adventure movie. The kind where a motley crew set out west, east, south or north (and everywhere in between) in search of treasure, equipped with nothing more than each other, a whispered legend and a healthy dose of good old stamina to guide them. (Bonus points if there's a map.)

Albeit, it is a lot less precarious now. Instead of riding horses on beaten dirt trails, we are cruising along paved roads in however much horsepower our trusty car has. Instead of pitching up tents, we make pit stops at various drive-throughs. Gone are the overly complicated maps, now we've got a well-meaning--if not sometimes confusing--GPS lady telling us where to go. But that along with the junk food, the radio frequency as you change from one town's local station to another, and the lack of leg room are all apart of the magic.

We took a lot of road trips in Greece last summer (shoutout to Nicole and Nicoletta and the rest of the gang for all of their help!). The numerous seaside towns, golden fields and emerald green forest canopies tucked in and around various mountain ranges and hills really made the journey to our various destinations all the more fun. I can't wait to go back, and I'm glad that I wasn't too awestruck and was able to take some photos that are worth sharing with you all. So enjoy my Greek road trip pictures, taken either on one of the multi-stop trips to Napflio, Palimidi Fortress, Sounio, Kouvaras and the accompanying playlist (heavenly influenced by the two films we watched while we were there, Baby Driver and Guardians of the Galaxy 2).