Easter always seems to spring up on my family. Food-wise we're always on point, but decoration-wise we're always a little bit late. To be fair it is at the height of final projects so, it can be a bit hard for methe designated resident pastry chef (in training)to whip up something new all month long. So this year we decided to forgo the traditional colourful egg routethere's only so many hardboiled eggs one can eatand made colourful donuts instead.

My initial plan was to make several solid coloured doughs. so the doughnuts would be a single colour throughout. But impatience and a pure craving for doughnuts overcame us all, and the result, was to our surprise, a whole lot better.

*Drum rolls* 

So I present to you all, "Marble" Doughnuts. They're fun to make, fun to eat and fun to take pictures of. And they require very little effort to make their insides look fabulous. Just drip the food colouring on the dough when you're about to roll it out to cut out the shapes and voila!


Pssst! For those wondering, here is the recipe that I used: Polish Pączki (Doughnuts) Recipe

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