The mood for July was slow and steady. No muss, no fuss. With summer school finished I wanted to do absolutely nothing. And nothing is what I did. Well, almost nothing. Actually, I did a lot of little somethings that made the month fly by in a wink. It is crazy how quickly the end of the month sneaks up on you. 

As I crossed off the days on my calendar, I couldn't help but wonder where all the time had gone. I would think:

"Where did that tan come from ?" True, we did go on a super long hike through the woods last weekend.

"Why is there so much sand in my backpack?" Oh yes, I forgot to shake it out after going to the beach yesterday. 

"Why don't we have any pastries?" Oh. Um...I haven't made any yet. 

This is where Streudel comes in my friends.

Streudel is the best dessert because it requires minimal effort to get maximum results. As long as you buy the puff pastry premade the rest is just a matter of personalizing what you want to add (or not add) to your filling. A sprinkle here, a dash there, a squeeze of this over there, a slice of there over this, and you've got yourself a perfectly crisp handheld slice of heaven. Just perfect for fulfilling creative culinary impulsions when it is too hot to even pick up a whisk, let alone use it.