Every once in a while I feel a great calling to nature. The call sweeps in on a northerly wind, which feels like excitement and smells (or sounds) a lot like sunshine. It awakens the buds on the trees in my neighbourhood and begins that tell-tale tingle that radiates from throughout my body like a heartbeat. When the urge gets too strong I convince my family to come along. After some Googling, I settled on our destination and armed with the promise of ruins, caves, and croissant sandwiches, one drowsy afternoon in May we ended up in the Rockwood Conservation Area (about two hours outside of Toronto).

Truth be told we came for the ruins but stayed for the nature. 


Sure following the trail was fun, but so was purposely getting lost every so often...

As city-folk through and through, we were pretty ill-dressed and ill-equipped for our trounce through the (sometimes extremely muddy) forest terrain, we still managed to venture place both extremely high...

... and low.

But nevertheless, incredibly fun.

Credits: My Dad

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